Finding the right home

Moving to a nursing home can significantly increase the overall quality of life for residents. It can also provide comfort to families and friends knowing that their loved one is being well cared for and allowing them to fully enjoy spending quality time with loved ones instead of worrying.

From our experience, we are very aware of the difficulties that can present themselves when selecting the right nursing home. While it can be easy to allow yourself to be swamped in an information overload, we would encourage focusing on the following four principles to simplify your decisions:

1. Speak to GPs, friends, social works and people you trust. Narrow a list down to three homes that you think would be suitable based on the experiences of people you can rely on.

2. The single most important factor in the quality of a nursing home is the quality of the staff in the home. Visit each home on your shortlist and speak with the Director of Nursing or Social Manager. Speak to other staff while you are in the home. It is important that you gain a strong sense of compassion amongst the staff of the home.

3. Talk through a sample day or week whilst viewing the home. Seek to gain a practical understanding of how the home can meet the needs of you or your loved one as opposed to the other way around.

4. If you are advocating for a loved one or friend, put yourself in their shoes. What is it they would value most?